how to order a cake

anything can be created out of cake


if you have an idea of what you want i can help you bring it to life. or, “bring it to cake”, if you will ;) . i can make just about anything out of cake. one of my favorite things is telling kids to “draw a picture” of what they want their cake to look like. LOVE that. how exciting to get to design your very own birthday cake. sometimes it requires a teeny bit of negotiation, but always turns out amazing.


sheet cakes

that being said, think twice before you order a “sheet cake”! don’t get me wrong – there are definitely some instances when sheet cakes are appropriate. here are some “myths” about sheet cakes…


1) they are easier to cut – NO! definitely not easier. when you cut a round cake, you basically keep cutting it in halves. sheet cakes are a little more difficult to get consistently sized pieces. (also a bonus – EVERY one gets an “end piece” with a round cake – not the story with a sheet cake. which is definitely a bonus if you’re a frosting lover like me!)


2) sheet cakes come in one standard size – NO! i’ve had clients call me to order a sheet cake, and upon asking them how many servings they need, they respond, “oh just whatever a sheet cake serves”. serving sizes are 12, 24, 36, 48, 56, and so on.


3) sheet cakes are “cheaper” NO! not necessarily. pricing depends on number of servings you need and cost of decorating. if you have a price in mind of what you want to spend on your cake, PLEASE tell me! i am more than happy to work with a budget. it actually makes the process a lot easier. i can get a better idea of what YOU are expecting out of the cake, and how to design it appropriately.


i really do hate to knock sheet cakes so much! there are some events that a sheet cake is a way better fit than a round cake. and it’s definitely not that i won’t make you an absolutely beautiful sheet cake. however, to me, sheet cakes sometimes seem a little too “grocery store-ish”. you’re ordering a custom cake from a specialty bakery! you’re not looking through a book of 20 or so designs that you have to choose from! it can be ANYTHING! so remember that! don’t limit yourself!


when ordering a cake, the most important thing i need to know is how many servings you will need. as long as i have that information i will be able to give you at least a rough quote. it’s also a good idea to have some ideas in your mind of what you want the cake to look like (i.e. a lot of people like to match their cakes to their invitations). if you have NO idea what you want it to look like, that’s fine too, but at least try to have a list of things you absolutely dislike and/or do not want to see on the cake (i.e. a lot of people do not like their birthday cake to be associated with the holiday that it falls on/around).


i like to suggest to people to “google” cake pictures to get inspired (i.e. “cupcake cakes”, “topsy turvy cakes”, “polka dot cakes”, etc). this will help you get a good idea of what you like/dislike, especially if you’re unsure on what you want the cake to look like. you can always send the pictures or links to my email –


i genuinely love working with people. i love helping you create a beautiful design for your cake. and i love making your beautifully designed, one of a kind, absolutely delicious cake!


it is the very biggest most amazing compliment when a client orders a cake from Bach Bakery. you are taking that cake home to share with your nearest and dearest to celebrate a special event. it means the world to me, and i promise to give you nothing but the very best!


“Dessert is probably the most important stage of the meal, since it will be the last thing your guests remember before they pass out all over the table.”


The Anarchist Cookbook

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