Cooking and Baking Classes


Fresh muffins with blank notebookWant to learn how to make a delicious lemon tart? A perfect pie crust? How about from the comfort of your own kitchen?


Let’s face it – it’s so much easier to make anything in a professional kitchen: more square footage than your entire house, any tool you could ever imagine, ovens that cost more than your SUV. Then, you get home, try to create the recipe, and it’s a total flop.


Let’s avoid that entire part!


You tell us what you want to learn. We bring the ingredients and any special tools you’ll need. We’ll give you your own set of recipes to keep, go over everything you need to know for what you’re making, and share any special tricks or tips we’ve learned in our travels. We’ll even do the dishes.


Could it get better? Yes!


Invite your friends! If space allows, invite up to ten of your friends over. We’ll bake up a storm, then enjoy the fruits of our labor.


Pricing depends on class content and number of lessons covered, but typically starts at around $50 per student.


Pricing includes ingredients, recipes, and class time. Book ahead. We typically suggest at least two weeks notice in order to book a class. This allows us time for ordering ingredients, getting recipes together, etc. No age requirement or skill level required for classes. We’ll tailor the class to your needs.

Please note that Bach Bakery is not currently scheduling any new classes.